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Well repair VFD system

Do I need a permit to drill a well?

Several counties are now governed by a GCD (Groundwater Conservation District) which requires a permit before drilling. Call us for a list of these counties.

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Where can I drill a well?

The state requires at least 100' from septic lines and 50' from property lines or septic tanks. In some cases, special provisions do exist that will allow a well to be drilled with less distance.

How much water will I get from my well?

Most wells produce more water than a common household will ever need. However, there are areas where water producing formations are limited or not available at all. We have computer-based maps on thousands of current wells that give us considerable information that we would be happy to discuss with you.

What kind of water can I expect from my well?

Most water wells produce excellent fresh water that does not require filtration and has no contamination. Well water is typically the best source of drinking water.

Do you have financing available?

We can accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover, however, at this time we do not offer financing. When building a new home, the cost of the well may be included in the original construction costs through your bank.